Short Term Investment Definition and Options

Short Term Investing Options While Saving for FIAR

The status quo advice when saving for financial independence is to invest in the stock market by purchasing shares of low-fee index mutual funds and ETFs. This is a long-term investment strategy. For those of us saving for F.I.A.R., a long-term investment strategy may not be ideal. Let me explain. … Read more

Analysis of $500 In FAANG Stocks Invested 5 Years Ago

Analysis of FAANG Stocks and FAANG Stocks ETFs

GUEST POST BY GAVIN MCMASTER FAANG stocks have been all the rage for years now, and they have significantly outperformed all major market indices. Of course, past performance is no indication of future performance, but let’s have a look at how a 5-year investment in FAANG stocks has performed. What … Read more

The Cost in Wealth of Revolving Credit Card Debt

The Cost in Wealth of Revolving Credit Card Debt

Revolving credit card debt is a common problem for people across all income ranges. Those who have ample income and can easily meet their minimum payments often don’t think twice about what its really costing them in wealth. In fact, keeping a balance on your credit cards is probably costing … Read more