Why This Personal Wealth Strategy Tool is a Game-Changer


The road to success is paved with <fill in the blank>. Hard work? Determination? Good ideas? Yes to all of that, but without a winning personal wealth strategy, its like wandering in a forest at night with no flashlight.  Many people who are seeking financial independence don’t have a solid … Read more

How Lifestyle Creep Traps the Middle Class

How Lifestyle Creep Traps the Middle Class

The Concept of Lifestyle Creep Looking back at the last 16 years of my career, its obvious to me what I could have done differently with my earnings.  When I started out in my first staff accountant position in 2004, I was making $13.00 per hour.  I was a single … Read more

How to Build Your Budget Like a Business

How to Build Your Budget Like a Business

During my career as an accounting and finance leader working for healthcare companies of $50M up to $350M in annual revenue, I built many budgets from scratch.  I’ve followed budget processes that were extremely detailed and tried to take into account every penny of cost, and I built high-level budgets … Read more

4 Top Places I Keep My Savings

Top 4 Places I Keep My Savings - Interest Savings Account

Don’t keep your cold cash in the freezer! Learn about the 4 top places to keep your savings and the benefits of each option.

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