Investment Income Report – Jan 2020

BeyondPennies Monthly Income Report

January was a good month in the market. I booked a gain of $1,029 or 4.7% on my brokerage account. The trades made during January were 75% options trades and 25% stock trades.  I use tastyworks‘s web platform for all of my trades. My most frequently traded equities were $AMD, … Read more

3 Primary ETFs for Option Trades

3 Primary ETFs for Option Trades

What is an ETF? An ETF is an Exchange-Traded Fund that investors can buy or sell shares of, much like normal stocks.  Many investors like ETFs because they resemble a “basket of stocks” like mutual funds, so its an easy way to diversify a portfolio.  There are many ETFs to … Read more

Welcome to Beyond Pennies!

Hi, I’m Shelley, a financial analyst and corporate executive with an MBA and more than 15 years of experience helping companies grow profits.  I’m also an active options trader, Excel guru, and mother to three lovely children who are 21, 2, and 1.   I enjoy sailing, photography, content creation, and … Read more