Feb 2020 Investment Income & Site Updates – Coronavirus Chaos

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While January 2020 was a good month in the market, February was not. I booked a loss of $3,418 or 14.8% for the month, and $2,390 or 10.8% for the year.  My most frequently traded equities were $AMD, $TSLA, $MU, $AMZN, and $SPY.  About 50% in stocks and 50% in options, I currently hold 200 shares of $MU and $AMD while I wait out the storm.  I'm hoping that March will bring some stabilization to the market, but as of today, its unclear how much impact coronavirus, or COVID-19, will have on the long-term health of the global economy.

Feb2020 Investment Income Report

I hope to start adding income reports from my online ventures, but as of today, I have earned $0 in affiliate marketing.  I've heard it takes 6 months to ramp up, and I've had this blog about 6 weeks, so we will wait and see how that goes.

One of my biggest projects right now is working on providing value using my business experience.  I'm writing an e-course on creating a #FI Personal Wealth Strategy course that I plan on being very comprehensive. My course will focus on using corporate FP&A (Financial Planning & Analysis) best practices and applying them to your personal wealth creation plan.

Creating an e-course is a project.  It includes activities like creating Powerpoint presentations, writing loads of content, recording voiceovers and videos, and then putting it altogether using Adobe Premiere. Then you decide how to host it – on your own Learning Management System (LMS), or on someone else's, like Udemy.  I think I'd prefer to host it on my own, but I'm not ready to make those decisions yet.  Lots of research to do!

How did you fare in the market this month?

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