How to Use Full Focus Planner for Goals

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The Full Focus Planner is a stylish, executive planner full of features to help with productivity and goal achievement.

The extent of features can be overwhelming at first, so let's go over all of the tools included in the planner and then discuss how to use them to increase productivity, achieve goals, and get you further down the road towards success.

This planner, which you can purchase from the Full Focus Planner website, covers three months worth of planning. Its undated, so you can start using it at any time. 

Full Focus Planner Features

Annual Goals

Make a list of each of the goals you hope to accomplish over the next 12 months.

Goal Detail Sheet

For each annual goal, there's a goal detail sheet that prompts you to enter the following:

  • Summary of your goal
  • Designate if its an Achievement or Habit based goal
  • Choose which domain to affiliate with your goal
    • Spiritual
    • Parental
    • Intellectual
    • Social
    • Emotional
    • Vocational
    • Physical
    • Avocational
    • Marital
    • Financial
  • Key Motivations – Write then rank your key motivations.
  • Next Steps – Write the first few steps you need to take to complete your goal.
  • Your Reward – Decide how you will celebrate once you achieve your goal.
  • Streaktracker – Check off each day you make progress toward your goal (best for habit-based goals). There are 3 months of days to track.
Monthly Calendar

This is a standard calendar spread. Its undated, so you'll need to fill the dates in yourself.

Rolling Quarters

This spread provides a place to write the name of the quarter/year at the top of the page, and then 31 rows and 3 columns per page. Each row represents a day of the month, and each column a month of the year. So 6 months total worth of planning on this page.

Daily Rituals

The daily ritual spread has four sections:

  1. Morning Ritual
  2. Workday Startup Ritual
  3. Workday Shutdown Ritual
  4. Evening Ritual

In each section, write a list of activities that comprise your ritual.

Ideal Week

The idea week spread has days of the weeks as columns, and hours of the day as rows. 

Weekly Preview

The weekly preview is two spreads or four pages, and is arranged in a series of steps:

  • Step 1 – My Biggest Wins
  • Step 2 – After Action Review
    • How far did you get?
    • What worked? What didn't? 
    • What will you keep, improve, start, or stop doing
  • Step 3 – List Sweep – Process tasks and action items.
  • Step 4 – Weekly Overview – List important events, deadlines, and tasks in the coming week.
    • Personal 
    • Professional
  • Step 5 – Weekly Big 3
  • Step 6 -Self-Care Planner
    • Sleep
    • Eat
    • Move
    • Connect
    • Relax

There is also a place for recording items under each day of the upcoming week.

Daily Spread

This is the heart of the Full Focus Planner. Each day of the quarter has its own spread for planning. The daily page on the left contains the following:

  • Daily Big 3 – List your three most important tasks.
  • Other tasks – List other tasks to complete.
  • Hourly chart – For recording appointments or reminders for the day.

The daily page on the right is for notes. If you take your planner with you to meetings, you can take notes right in your planner and not worry about misplacing them later. 

Daily Spread
Quarterly Preview

The quarterly preview is towards the end of planner, and looks much like the first two pages of the weekly preview.

Notes, Sketches, Index

The final section of the Full Focus Planner contains pages for writing notes, making sketches, and recording an index.

tips on How to Use the Full Focus Planner

Keep your planner with you so you can jot down notes and ideas whenever you have them. Keeping the planner with you keeps you connected to your goals and achievements as you progress through the year.

Annual Goals – Choose one savings goal, one investing goal, and one income goal to track throughout the year. This will keep you focused on growing your wealth.

Rolling Quarters – Use this spread to list major appointments and commitments that are coming up each quarter. Another use is to use it to plan online content or social marketing. A third is to use it to track target net worth or dividend income.

Daily pages – If you take your planner with you to meetings, you can take notes right in your planner and not worry about misplacing them later. You can also use the notes page for writing down ideas for content, marketing, developing your business, stocks you want to research, or a million other things.

Weekly preview – Plan out your agenda for the week. Write down your spending goal for the week. Lay out your social marketing plan for the week, and your content releases.

Weekly Preview

Ideal week – Use the ideal week spread to map out routine tasks that you want to accomplish every week without fail. Consistency is the key to success, and your ideal week is an excellent planning tool.

Have you tried the Full Focus Planner? Share your experience below!

How to Use Full Focus Planner for Goals

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