Terms of Use

This document governs the Terms of Use for the Sixty Second Savings Coach Flash Briefing for Amazon Alexa by Beyond Pennies.

This skill functions as a simple News flash briefing skill for the Amazon Alexa. The contents are update daily.

If you are a finance blogger or influencer and would like to participate in the Sixty Second Savings Coach by submitting a finance tip, please fill out the form below and I will contact you. If approved, your personal finance tip will be submitted along with a mention of your website or channel. To recoup production expense, we charge of fee of $25 for a high quality sound file produced by you, or $50 if read by Shelley. Approved scripts only.

Removing or Correcting News Articles:

If you are the legal owner of an item listed in the News article and wish to remove or correct the information, please let us know. We will be happy to comply. Removing or correcting an article will count as an update and the update will occur at the next scheduled news update.

Beyond Pennies reserves the right to remove any content in the Sixty Second Savings Coach Flash Briefing without notice and at any time. This includes the skill itself. However, we will try to keep everyone informed of changes through announcements on the Beyond Pennies blog, as well as on our Twitter feed and Facebook page.