Wealth Strategy: Build a Personal Wealth Binder

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What is a personal wealth binder?

A personal wealth binder is a planning tool that you can use to build your personal wealth creation strategy and plan.  Use the free worksheets from our site, along with your budget, pro-formas, key performance indicators, and other documents you will create while building your personal wealth business plan.

You can learn more about building a personal wealth business plan in an upcoming e-course – learn more here.  The personal wealth binder keeps you organized and on task, with all of your tools organized and ready to be used.  Along with the worksheets, a daily task planner is also an important addition to your binder.

How to create your own personal wealth binder

A personal wealth binder can be started with just a simple 3-ring binder you can buy at any office supply or big box store, in addition to a few other tools. Here is our recommended supply list:

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Professional Leather 3 Ring Binder

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Portable 3 Hole Punch

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2020 Monthly Planner

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2020 Weekly Planner

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Binder Inserts with Pockets

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Binder Dividers with Table of Contents

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Epson Color Printer

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Printer paper

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Table of Contents

Using the table of contents to build out the sections of your binder, these fifteen categories will make your binder a complete tool:

  1. Personal Mission Statement Worksheet
  2. Personal Wealth Strategy Map
  3. Income Stream Tactics
  4. Income Stream Tasks
  5. Personal Wealth Strategy Outline
  6. 2020 Monthly Planning Calendar
  7. Budgets – Monthly, Yearly, 5 Year, 10 Year
  8. Income Projection Pro-Formas
  9. Savings & Investment Strategies & Notes
  10. Financial Results, Income Statements, Cash Flows, Net Worth
  11. After #FI – New Lifestyle Planning
  12. Open – Customize for You
  13. Ongoing List of Things to Learn & Skills to Acquire
  14. Appendix i – Business Info, Accounts, Passwords, etc.
  15. Appendix ii – Legal Documents, Wills, Powers of Attorney, etc.

Be sure to nclude a task planner in your binder to keep you on top of deadlines, as well as a calendar. The personal wealth binder can also act as a repository for important documents related to your assets using binder inserts with pockets.

The Case for a Physical Binder

Electronic documents are great, and I recommend keeping all documents on file in electronic format.  Here are some reasons to also keep a physical binder:

  • Having a physical binder gives you a visual tool that you don't have to be sitting at a computer to look at.
  • Aside from the nostalgia factor, writing by hand forces you to slow down and approach your planning with more mindfulness.
  • Research has proven that writing things down by hand makes them easier to retain.
  • The physical binder gives you a business plan you can share, be proud of, and creates a sense of assurance that you are on the right track.
  • Instead of having 20 different documents, this binder gives you one book with everything in it.  And its almost as portable as a phone.


Do you have a business planning tool you prefer to use? Share in the comments below.

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Wealth Strategy: Build a Personal Wealth Binder

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