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Hi, I'm Shelley, a financial analyst and corporate executive with an MBA and more than 15 years of experience helping companies grow profits.  I'm also an active options trader, Excel guru, and mother to three lovely children who are 21, 2, and 1.   I enjoy sailing, photography, content creation, and I'm currently learning about filmmaking.  I am a wanna-be minimalist and I frequently eat (and drink) keto-style because it helps me stay more focused and feel less sluggish.

I'm turning 45 this year, and I've been thinking it is time to do something for myself and share my knowledge with others.  On this site I will discuss what I've learned in the business world and how to apply it to personal finance.  Before you can execute a plan, you need a plan.  And before you can make a plan you need a strategy.  We will start there, and then cover important topics related to treating personal finance like a business.  Its time to move beyond pennies and start building real wealth!

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