Don't wait until you're old to pursue your dreams.

Download the ultimate guide to saving and planning for an abbreviated retirement.

What is F.I.A.R.?

Have you ever dreamed of taking time away from your day job to travel? Write a book? Or learn a creative hobby? Don't wait until you're old to pursue your dreams. Learn how to use Financial Independence / Abbreviated Retirement to make it happen on your terms.

“You can always make more money, but you can't make more time.”

Nick O'Kelley, Live on the Margin

Career Burnout is REAL

You don't enjoy your job as much as you used to. You're often distracted, daydreaming about what you'd rather be doing. You’re using food, drugs, or alcohol to help you cope. Your job no longer energizes you.

Burnout is a sign that something needs to change.

Why choose F.I.A.R.?

Give yourself the time you deserve. Bring meaning, balance, and passion back into your life. You will start feeling the effects of F.I.A.R. the moment you choose this path for your life. Not sure how to begin? Download my free guide and get started today.