Passive Income: Sell Designs on Redbubble

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One of the many ways to make money online, or generate digital income, is to sell designs on Redbubble. The designs don't need to be complicated or super artsy – stick with simple ideas. Here's a cool BTFD – Market Crash 2020 design that took me about 15 minutes to create and upload to Redbubble.  It then took another 10 minutes tinkering with each product picture to make sure it looked just right.  And that was it – so simple and easy. I used Redbubble's handy dandy share buttons to quickly tweet out my design. Here's the result:

To sell your designs on Redbubble, follow these easy steps:


Create a Design to Sell

If you have access to Adobe Photoshop, this is arguably the best program to create your design. Redbubble recommends using a design that is 7632 x 6480 pixels in size.  Open Photoshop (or the graphic design program of your choice) and create a new image. Specify the correct width and height, and make sure the background is transparent.

If you aren't a graphic design artist, you can use text and simple shapes to create your design. Think about what would look cool on a t-shirt, hoodie, or even a sticker. Use layers to keep your background transparent.


Upload Your Design to Redbubble

Before you can sell your design on Redbubble, sign up for an account as an artist. On the Redbubble homepage there is a link at the top right called “Sell your art”. Just click that link to sign up.

How to Sell Your Art on Redbubble


When you are finished with your super savvy design, export the file as a transparent PNG. Once the file is saved, go to your Redbubble account and upload the design by clicking the red “Add new work” button.

The next step is to edit each product to make sure your design is correctly scaled and centered. You can disable any products that you don't want to display your design on.

Think of an interesting description for your product, and make sure to add lots of tags. Tags are keywords customers will use when searching for a product like yours. The more tags, the better. After you're done with the description and tags, just click a button, and Redbubble will process your design. Voila!  Its simple and easy.  In case you're wondering, BTFD means Buy the F-ing Dip.  Its a commonly used acronym in the market and cryptocurrenty trader forums, especially on Reddit. and Stocktwits.

My Redbubble T-shirt Design BTFD Market Crash 2020
My Redbubble Design

For my BFTD Market Crash 2020 t-shirt design, I used the following tags:

finance, stock market, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, trader, investor, btfd, market crash, bear market, bull market, money, personal finance, fire, fi, beyond pennies, buy the dip

I used the following as my product description, focusing on keeping it fun and a bit sassy:

We all lived through the stock market crash of 2020. Now its time to BTFD. Buy the dip. Pump that cash back into the market. This shirt is for stock market investors, traders, cryptocurrency traders, bitcoin traders, Robinhood users, and all of you out there talking smack on Stocktwits. You know who you are. Wear this shirt proudly.

Market Your Design

After you submit your design, Redbubble will give you a link to your design and render it on all the products that were activated.  Each product has share buttons that you can use to quickly share to Facebook or Twitter.  Market your products on social media, in Facebook groups, and share them with your email network.

If you have a blog, be sure to create a post about your products.  When you are considering design ideas, think about what would work on your blog.  This will depend on your blog's subject or theme.



If you stick with quick and easy designs, you can generate marketable products very quickly using Redbubble.  Using Redbubble's built in tools, you can advertise your products to friends, family, co-workers, and followers.  This passive income stream is limited only by your imagination.  If you create a viral design, the sky is the limit when you sell designs on Redbubble.


Click here to visit Redbubble and begin selling your designs today.


Have you created any designs for Redbubble?  Share your experience below!

Passive Income: Sell Designs on Redbubble

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